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Seal the deal


I remember seeing a post saying that in season 10 dean and cas will have to kiss to seal a deal

… But do you remember that lillith who was “just” a demon demanded way more than a kiss?

How are extreme Destiel shippers not totally embarrassed by themselves?


People who don’t even know or like Jensen much are starting to sympathise with him, that says a lot. Those who believed the crap you first spouted about him being homophobic without checking facts are starting to see its only crazed shippers with an agenda and there’s no weight behind the…


you know you’re in deep when your brain reads “diesel” as destiel

Giving You What You Need...


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It had taken a long time to track Dean down, but now that Castiel was facing him, he wasn’t sure what to say.

Sam was locking Crowley up in the trunk of the car, and Castiel was, momentarily, alone with Dean.

He said the first…


Its not mine!! All credit goes to whoever the wonderful artist is!!


Its not mine!! All credit goes to whoever the wonderful artist is!!


I know it’s anaconda. my mouth knows it’s anaconda. my ears know it’s anaconda. my internal monologue has read it as ‘avocado’ 4 times now.

"if love alone could have kept you here you would have lived forever" 

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Waiting for this moment my whole life.

He saw a chance, and took it. (Someone send me a link before I die)


Corbin Bleu is like the anti-Robert Patinson. He loves that silly thing that made him famous.

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Oi big sexy woman!

reasons why we love Twelve

no but he looks like he’s rapping oh my goodness

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